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Ayer Photography of Vermont

Telling Our Story In Beautiful Imagery

"The artistic goal of our award-winning photographers and album designers is to tell the story of what makes us all uniquely special, and the treasured relationships we have with people with whom we are connected in this life, through photographic art that touches the heart and reflects their priceless value."

                                                              -- Warren & Linda Ayer


We  at Ayer Photography of Vermont are a husband and wife team of photographers who enjoy and practice all types and styles of photography, but focus the majority of our time on fine heart portraiture, selected events, New England scenery, and other commissionable art.  We are most known for our photographic storytelling through the creative blending of poignant imagery, contemporary artistry, classical portraiture, and joyful candids.   

We would love to meet you and "tell your story."  So, look through our work and then give us a call.