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Linda loves to scrapbook and is very active in the various scrapbooking communities in northern Vermont.  If it is one of your passions as well - either full scrapbooks, or homemade cards - give her a call - she would love to exchange ideas and share techniques. 

When we started out, we offered custom scrapbooks as an album option to our wedding photography customers.  But, as we expanded our business, the amount of interaction required to do it well, was more than we had available.  In addition the necessary acid-free papers, elements, embellishments, adhesives, etc. became much more widely available - and thereby accessible to almost anyone who wanted to do it. 

As a result, we no longer offer custom scrapbooks as a service.  We would, however, be happy to offer design advice, help with image preparation, and consult on materials and techniques, as needed. 

This gallery is maintained simply for inspiration and idea sharing among the scrapbooking community.