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Customer Galleries

Once the images from a Customer session or event have been processed, they will be posted to a Customer Gallery.  These Galleries are organized by type (e.g., Wedding, Portrait, Event, etc.) and are usually protected by a case-sensitive password.  Ayer Photography will not send the password to anyone other than the Customer that booked the session of event.  If you are a friend, family member, or guest (at a wedding, for example), the password necessary to access the gallery must be obtained from our Customer (bride and groom, for example). 


From within each gallery, you may view images by clicking through them one at a time or starting a slide show.  To see a selected image larger, simply click on the image itself when it appears on the right.  By clicking the sizes icon below the image you may change the size to tailor the view to your viewing device.  You may also click on the info icon to learn additional information about the image.   


To share an image to a social media site or in email, click on the share icon under the image to obtain the appropriate link.  You may also share a link to the entire gallery.   


If you wish to purchase a print, enlargement, wall décor, or an item of photo merchandise, simply click the BUY PHOTOS button.  Clicking this button causes a pop-down dialog box to appear prompting you to decide whether you are looking to purchase a single image on one or more products, multiple images for the same product (e.g., size print), or a photo package.  We encourage you to check out the packages first, because if we offer a combination you can take advantage of in your purchasing, it will almost always give you the best effective price.  For example, in most current galleries, you may purchase four 4x6 prints of the same or different images as a package for much less than you can purchase the same four prints separately.  For more help, click here.  


If you have a DIGITAL COUPON, as a promotion or pre-paid credit, it should be entered into the appropriate field during the financial / payment section of Checkout.  It is case-sensitive so type it exactly as given.  Pre-Paid Print Credit Coupons do not have to be used all at once, but may be spread over multiple transactions.  They must, however, be used completely before the expiration date, or any residual value may be lost.  


Finally, once you have made your image / product selections and proceed to Checkout, please check CROPPING for all images and products and ADJUST as necessary.  For most products / print sizes, etc. this is a straight-forward process.  If, however, you are ordering a product that requires some of the image to wrap, such as a CANVAS wrap, there may be a need for some digital adjustments to make sure you do not lose important parts of the image depending on the size you wish to order.  Feel free to contact your photographer, and he will be happy to help you.  For more help on cropping, click here.